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Freedom of Choice: Society v. Nature

We are each born with free will. We enslave each other when we deny each other the choice to live our life how we see fit. There is only one universally human rule: Do not intentionally harm or damage people/property.

We have effectively enslaved humanity by denying people the right to live a nomadic/hunter/gatherer life. It is labeled "houseless", "hippie", "camping", "tribal", etc. We essentially forbid people from living in nature. This lifestyle is forbidden even in state and federal reserves and parks. Here in Hawai'i, cows have more room to roam without being harassed than people do. Private lands are off limits to the public, as it should be. But perhaps humans and cows can coexist on state-leased lands?

We don't have to choose either/or, we can do both.

The solution I propose is to stop locking gates on public land. The park office may be closed but there is no need to lock the gate. Locking the gate locks out the public from public land. Locking the public bathrooms from the public blocks access to basic sanitation. These are the first locks that must be unlocked to free humanity from enslavement.


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